Bringing the character to life – Thijmen Geluk

Each of the three version of Adley FIXI-T1 watches is driven by the stronge character of the individual fixed-gear bicycle rider. We reached out to talented Dutch illustrator Thijmen to help us bring those characters to life. Thijmen did his magic and asserted his unique style to give extra dimensions to each character. Champion White […]

The real ‘ London bicycle courier’

It is a privilege for a ‘real life LONDON bicycle courier’ Sam K as the source of inspiration for the design Adley FIXI-T1. Sam has been couriering since 2014, a demanding job comes with a severe injury warning. Unfortunately, Sam was involved in a serious road accident back in November 2021 that put him out […]

The Bike Project

Adley is a watch brand that is passionate about cycling and the benefits it brings to society. I want to share with you an incredible charity called The Bike Project. Their mission is simple: get refugees cycling! At The Bike Project, we take secondhand bikes, fix them up and donate them to refugees and […]

Collaboration with Hartley Cycles

Collaboration with Harley bike

We are incredibly fortunate to collaborate with Caren Hartley on Adley FIXI-T1. Caren is the founder of Hartley Cycles ( , a company that makes beautiful bespoke bicycles tailored to each client. We have admired Caren’s work since seeing her bike in the Cycle Revolution exhibition at The Design Museum London in 2016. Caren embodies unique […]