The real ‘ London bicycle courier’

It is a privilege for a ‘real life LONDON bicycle courier’ Sam K as the source of inspiration for the design Adley FIXI-T1. Sam has been couriering since 2014, a demanding job comes with a severe injury warning. Unfortunately, Sam was involved in a serious road accident back in November 2021 that put him out of action for nine months. 

Sam subsequently induced me to @londoncourieremergencyfund, The organistation with its goal to provide support and financial help to those bicycle couriers who have suffered an injury whilst at work. The funding is generated from the courier community and beyond, but anyone can help with fundraising. In fact, this will be an essential part in building on the longevity and success of the LCEF.

Such as a trooper on the bicycle, Sam is on the mend and gradually returns to doing what he loves. A true champion on the streets of London!

credit: @fixed.pirates.crew



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