All products are shipped by either Fedex , DHL or Royal Mail at our discretion. The customs, taxes or VAT will be responsible by the customers.

The return period is 7 days from the receipt of your product. The products need to be in brand new with all the original contents. The return shipping fee will be covered by the customer. To avoid unsuccessful returns, we encourage you to contact us by email at [email protected], providing the reason for the returns, followed by photos of the watch that warrant a return. 

Your ADLEY watch is built to last, and we strive to provide excellent customer service. Each ADLEY watch includes a one (1) year limited warranty after the original purchase. The warranty period commences on the date shown on the warranty Card. 

The warranty is non-transferable and is only valid for the original owner. The warranty does not cover any damages caused to the watch through accidental damage and improper use that deviates from our recommended instructions. The warranty will become void if the watch casing has been removed or tampered with.  For further information on the warranty of your Adley watch, refer to warranty FAQ on www.watchadley.co. For further information on the warranty of your ADLEY watch, simply drop us an email at [email protected], and we will be happy to update you on its warranty status. 

Your ADLEY FIXI-T1 watch houses NH35 automatic/self-winding mechanical movements. It generates power from your wrist movement whilst wearing it. 

The watch achieves an average of 41 hours of running time by gently manual wind the crown in the first position (fig.1) clockwise for 40-50 complete rotations. We recommend you carry out this procedure when wearing the watch for the first time. Stop winding as soon as you feel resistance on the crown. Overwind could damage the movement’s mainspring. 

The nature of an automatic mechanical watch is it stops running after a few days of inactivity. To restart your watch, gently manual wind the crown in the first position (fig.1) clockwise 10-20 times in the first crown position (fig.1) and wave the watch slightly. For winding using a winding machine, please thoroughly study the machine’s user manual before starting the winding process.

  1. Gently pull out the crown to the third position (FIG 1).
  2. Gently rotate the crown clockwise to set the hour and minute hands.
  3. Push the crown back to the first position to complete the process. 
Figure 1.



  • Overwind your Adley FIXI-T1 as it could damage the movement’s mainspring. Stop winding as soon as you feel resistance on the crown. 
  • Operate the crown underwater or in an environment subject to rapid temperature change. 
  • Adjust or wind the watch whilst on your wrist, instead take it off to carry out the procedure 
  • High-impact stresses impose on the watch (accidental drops, contact & high impact sports)
  • DIY repairing the watch as this would void the warranty.
  • Open the crown when in a wet or dusty environment. Keep it closed at all times
  • Avoid exposing the watch to magnetism.


  • Keep your watch clean, and free from water and dust.
  • Service by a professional minimum every 3 years.  
  • Store your watch in a dry & safe place, away from direct sunlight
  • Wear your Adley FIXI-T1 wherever you go!

Other info

All our watches are produced by our selected Chinese manufacturer in China, a well-established company that delivers excellent watches without compromising on quality. Every watch will undergo three-stage quality controls to meet the highest standards. 

We will donate a portion of our profit to The bike project, a charity that equips refugees and asylum seekers in the UK with second-hand bikes. For more information checkout the link www.thebikeproject.co.uk

The project’s carbon footprint will be offset via https://www.wren.co.

The customer’s information is confidential and will not be distributed to the third parties. We follow strict guidelines in The Data Protection Act 2018 (the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

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